Solve a Specific Issue

Cornerstone Counsel can tackle an immediate legal or regulatory issue facing your company.

Examples of Legal Projects

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Legal Challenges

  • Develop and implement policies for workplace and employee safety
  • Evaluate alternatives for employer and contractor expense reductions
  • Update employee benefit policies
  • Customer and vendor contract renegotiation
  • Update contract templates to reflect Covid-19 legal changes
  • Assess qualification for federal SBA loans, income and employment tax relief
  • Restructure or terminate real estate leases

Commercial and Government Contracts

  • Draft, negotiate or review customer commercial contract
  • Draft, negotiate or review vendor contracts (cloud agreements, SaaS, software licenses, etc.)
  • Draft, negotiate or review strategic alliances or joint venture agreements
  • Draft, negotiate or review government contracts, subcontracts and teaming agreements
  • Create cross-functional contracts review and approval process

Create Standard Contract Templates

  • Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Customer Agreement
  • Statements of Work
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Affidavits and Certifications
  • Termination and Release Agreement

Corporate Governance

  • Advise on Board, Stockholder or other approvals required under Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Stockholder agreements or laws for a specific company action
  • Draft Board of Director or committee minutes, resolutions or consents
  • Draft or review Stockholder consents
  • Draft or review internal controls and processes (e.g., code of conduct, signature authority matrix, internal investigation guidelines, etc.)
  • Review Stockholder agreements for compliance with company’s obligations under the agreements

IP Protection Plan

  • Assess company intellectual property assets and advise on protection strategies for company’s intellectual property
  • Assist company apply for patent, trademark or copyright registration
  • Assist company in developing trade secret protection policy and procedures
  • Assist company in structuring arrangements with third parties for licensing the company’s intellectual property

Data Security & Privacy

  • Create inventory of all company data and classify by type of data (trade secret, PHI, etc.)
  • Map all data to locations and applications in company’s IT network (cloud and on-premise) where the data is stored, transmitted or processed
  • Identify regulated or controlled data (PHI, personal data, PCI, export controlled, government classified, etc.) and regulatory or contractual requirements applicable to regulated or controlled data
  • Coordinate with IT and Regulatory Compliance to ensure compliance with appropriate data security frameworks and data regulatory compliance requirements
  • Update the company’s data map as circumstances change
  • Assist with cybersecurity preparedness

HR & Employee Matters

  • Assist with creating employee manual
  • Draft or review employee offer letter template
  • Draft or review employee confidentiality agreement template
  • Assist with classification of exempt/non-exempt employees under Fair Labor Standards Act and similar state laws
  • Advise on employee noncomplete restrictive covenants
  • Advise on employee terminations and reductions in force
  • Advise on company compliance with federal and state employment laws
  • Coordinate with company’s litigation counsel for defending EEOC/employment litigation claims

Regulatory Compliance Program

  • Create company regulatory compliance program (governance, policies and training)
  • Draft or review company compliance policies
  • Create procedures, processes and controls for complying with an individual policy and related regulatory requirements
  • Update policies, procedures, processes and controls

Closing Equity & Debt Financings

  • Support CEO/CFO in reviewing and negotiating investor or lending term sheet
  • Respond to investor or lender due diligence requests
  • Review and negotiate investor or lender investment documents
  • Assist with closing financing transaction
  • Complete post-closing matters

Equity Plan Administration

  • Develop process for grant of equity awards under company’s Equity Plan
  • Review equity awards granted for compliance with Equity Plan requirements
  • Advise on issuance of individual equity awards to employees or contractors
  • Assist CEO/CFO in preparation of third party 409A valuations


  • Advise CEO/CFO in preparing for purchase of third party entity or sale of the company
  • Review and negotiate company financial advisor engagement letter if sale of the company
  • Support CEO/CFO in preparing or reviewing letters of intent
  • Review seller due diligence materials or respond to buyer due diligence requests
  • Review and negotiate seller or buyer sale or purchase transaction documents
  • Assist with closing sale or purchase transaction
  • Complete post-closing matters

Real Estate Leases

  • Negotiate leases and subleases
  • Review compliance with lease and sublease provisions when planning company actions
  • Draft required lease and sublease amendments, consents, notices

Dispute Resolution

  • Strategy development
  • Negotiating resolution
  • Drafting settlement agreement
  • Coordinate with company’s litigation counsel, if pre-litigation dispute resolution efforts are unsuccessful

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