Building the In-House Legal Foundation for Emerging Growth Companies

About Cornerstone Counsel

Cornerstone Counsel partners with C-level management, investors and law firms to provide early stage and emerging growth companies with a more agile and cost-effective alternative for in-house legal services. We can work on a one-time, pressing legal project, or build and manage all of your in-house legal operations.

Are you a CEO, COO or CFO. . . 

. . . spending too much time on legal and regulatory issues (including COVID-19 legal changes) rather than accelerating sales, product development and strategy?

. . .tired of hearing sales complain that contracts aren’t getting done fast enough to close deals and meet sales targets?

 . . . growing uncomfortable because you lack legal processes, controls, and procedures?

Cornerstone Counsel can help.

Versatile legal and regulatory experience in the digital health, telecommunications, space and defense, data analytics and technology sectors. Let us help you transform in-house legal operations into one of the cornerstones of your business.

”I worked closely with Dan when he was General Counsel of a digital health startup.  He built our in-house legal and regulatory compliance function from the ground up and provided responsive, practical legal advice.  And he’s personable and easy to work with. I’d willingly partner with Dan on another venture.”

Bill Chatterton, Former CFO, xG Health Solutions

Licensed in California, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington, DC

Dan Connors, Principal

(703) 962-0364